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Want an information-packed, portable Central Park map that shows absolutely all you can see and do there for your next visit?


The Map & Guide to Central Park...

is a pocket-sized, folding map loaded with information to help you navigate, explore, participate in sports and acitivites and see the sites and attractions in and near Central Park.

Here's just a few of the questions that this map can help answer for you:

Map & Guide to Central Park cover picture

The Central Park Map Print picture

Decorate a wall with the fine-art quality Central Park map print!

The Central Park Map print...

is a 5-color lithographic print loaded with details showing all the paths, sculptures, buildings and bridges in the Park. There's even a tree pattern to show you where the park is more heavily wooded.

Printed on archival paper it makes a great impression on any wall. It looks fantastic at a distance with plenty of detail upon close-up inspection.





Interactive map of Central Park pictureTake an online scroll through the park with the interactive Central Park map!


The Central Park interactive map...

lets you explore Central Park online as you zoom in, zoom out and pan about. You can follow the paths and locate all the sculptures, sites, features and buildings in the park.



Are you training for a marathon or running
in Central Park to keep in shape?


Runner's Map of Central Park pictureThe Runner's Map of Central Park...

gives you distances on sections of road and paths, as well as the whole main loop and around the Great Lawn. Other information includes pace charts, combination routes for different distances and a depiction of how the grade on the main loop changes as you run around the park.