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The only pocket-sized map of Central Park

...well there is one other pocket-sized map of Central Park... but it has much less information and you need a magnifying glass to read it.


The Map & Guide to Central Park cover pictureA very happy customer says...

“Wow:  Excellent maps, fair prices, and great service - a winning combination!

I received the four Central Park Maps yesterday in great shape, and only two days after my order - outstanding!”

-Steve Ferris, Oldwick, NJ

Sometime later Steve sent me this story of how he and his family really enjoyed their visit to Central Park with the help of the Map & Guide:

“As a follow-on, we had my teen-aged niece and nephew up from the Tulsa, OK area in June for 10 days and took them into the Big Apple where we stayed for over a week.

We went to Central Park several times – all over it:  the Ramble, the boathouse, the castle, the sheep meadow, the Reggae dancers near the fountain, the carousel, the zoo, a baseball game – and on and on: You name it and we saw it. We walked for miles and miles.

The kids loved the park; they couldn't get enough of it, and your maps were a big part of that. They were in constant use! We all felt very comfortable navigating with these fantastic documents; they contributed in no small measure to the enhanced enjoyment of the park.”

The Map and Guide to Central Park measures 12" x 16" when flat and folds down to 4" x 5.5" to easily fit in your pocket, purse or pack. Below are detailed views of the map to show the information that you get with the Map and Guide to Central Park.


legend of the map of central parkThe legend on the Map and Guide to Central Park

Here you can see all the details the map shows. Where the playgrounds are (there are a lot of them, some with really fun features). The path where the horses go (bridle path). All of the buildings within the park and the location of the public phones. Nearby subway stations and bus routes. Plus the necessities like restrooms and where you can get food and drinks. For runners there are measured distances for the main loop around the park as well as a few other spots that are popular with runners.



List of buildings in Central Park on the Central Park Map and GuideLocating all the buildings within Central Park

Listed alphabetically, every building that you may want to visit in Central Park is listed with a location so you can find it on the map. For example, if after the name of the building it says E64, you use that to locate it on the map. The "E" means it would be on the east side of the Park. "W" would mean the west side of the Park, and no letter means it's about in the middle of the park. The "64" means it's about at the position (north and south) of 64th street. Included in each listing is what's at that building... what you can see and or do there. If it has certain hours that it's open then that's listed as well and, if available, a phone number you can call for more information.


List of scupltures within Central Park and where to find themFinding the sculptures, memorials and fountains in Central Park

This list helps you locate any sculpture in the park. In alphabetical order, every sculpture/memorial/fountain is listed with a key to locating it on the map. It uses the same system mentioned above for locating the buildings. On the map are brown dots with a number which refers to the number of that sculpture in the list. Not all dots on the map include the name of the scupture, so referring from the map to the list you can find the name of any sculpture you see marked on the map.


Sports and other activities available in Central ParkActivities and sports available to you in Central Park

Here's a list of sports and other activities you can enjoy in the park. There's bicycle rental, boat rental, discovery kits, fishing, tennis... Each listing tells you where you need to go and just what is available and a contact phone number if you have a question.