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A truly unique fine-art quality map of Central Park for your home or office!

This is the map of Central Park seen in the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close starring Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and Thomas Horn. The movie opened in theaters January 20, 2012.


Your very own view of Central Park!

Central Park is the one of the most beloved and enjoyed landmarks of New York City. Admired alike by native New Yorkers and visitors. This map shows you Central Park in all its wonderful detail:

Central Park Map PrintTopographical color gradations give you the feel for the "lay of the land" of the Park. Where the hills and the valleys are.

It details over 57 miles of pathways for tracing where you walked or help you plan those wonderful walks in Central Park in any season.

You can find all 14 lakes and ponds such as The Loch, Conservatory Water, and the Turtle Pond.

All of the 48 buildings and structures are specified and located. Even the more obscure ones like the small shelter overlooking the Dene, and the Wisteria Pergola.

For enhancing any visit to the park 12 adjacent museums and landmarks are named and located.

The map highlights 31 of the favorite sculptures and fountains. Many of which were gifts to the Park from other countries.

And, there's even a tree pattern that shows where the landscape is forested and where it is open field. Where can you bask in sunshine or get out of the heat?

This print is BIG!

Well....actually, tall is more accurate. It measures 15 inches by 48 inches (4 ft.). Which makes it great for those odd tall empty spaces on your walls. And makes it possible to see and enjoy some of the finer details of the Park that would be lost in a smaller size.

With... extra color

The Map is printed in 5-color offset lithography. That's one more color of ink than you will find in most posters, which are usually only 4 colors. The title and fine line work are all printed in a special brown ink to make them more crisp and fine. Otherwise that brown would have been made up of a bit of each of the other 4 colors. That's not good for fine line work on such a large print.

Printed on museum-quality fine-art paper

The paper is an acid-free, antique white, and thicker than your usual poster paper. It's not that thin off-the-shelf glossy paper you usually find posters printed on. I ordered it directly from the paper mill to get the size sheet needed to print the map. It's called archival paper because it's chosen by museums and creators of fine-art prints because it doesn't discolor over time as other paper will.